Powerful Books that Move you Towards Fulfillment

There are certain books that I read and keep on my bookshelf (or my kindle as it were) because I know their message is so powerful that I will want to revisit them over time. Our journey to fulfillment is not linear. We will never arrive to a permanent “fulfillment” address because we are human. We will lose our way and need to find our way back. These are some of the books that I like to read to help me find my way.



The Four Agreements – This is a very simple, but powerful guide to how to live authentically.

Tuesdays with Morrie – One of the best books I’ve read about learning what matters in life and relationships. I immediately bought copies for all of my friends.

Man’s Search for Meaning – This is an astounding account of a Nazi camp survivor who teaches us that we can find purpose in any circumstance. I read this once a year at least.

The Last Lecture – If you were dying, what would you want to share as your own last lecture? This is a powerful perspective.

Why We Work – This TED book is a short, interesting read chock full of insights about the type of work we do and how fulfillment has little to do with it.

How Will You Measure Your Life – This book will remind you of what’s most important in your life, but more than that, will stop you in your tracks when you realize you haven’t been acting in ways that will get it.

Crucial Conversations – Ever find yourself getting defensive during a discussion and unable to think clearly? This book is a practical guide to moving past the obstacles that prevent meaningful dialogue in a safe environment.