“I am a mental health counselor working in the Massachusetts area and I have worked with Suzanne Vaughan to provide support for my clients. I have found that coaching and therapy can work together to provide empowerment to clients who are in a place of change.

Suzanne is built for this profession and will challenge and support people who are ready to be extraordinary in their own lives.

She is passionate, genuine and compassionate. Her skills as a Co-Active coach and unique life experience make her relatable and credible. Through a combination of mindfulness techniques, great instinct and her powerful coaching style (Co-Active), she has propelled clients into life major changes. For example, she empowered one of my clients to take actions that she had been trying to achieve for years. She challenged her in a powerful but nurturing way. The result was complete transformation, powerful healing and confidence gained. The progress my clients have made with Suzanne has truly been remarkable.

I will continue to work as a team with Suzanne to help bring my clients to the next level of change. She is a pleasure to partner with and she brings passion and energy to the helping profession.”

– Darcie Nuttall, LMHC
North Andover, MA



“I wanted coaching around my relationship with my fiancé and making a difficult life decision. Suzanne allowed me the space I needed to come to the right decision for me.

Her skill as a coach is superior. Her insightful questions, intuition and visualizations are amazing and she really goes the extra mile with your support outside the coaching sessions.

I definitely felt safe and comfortable talking about a very personal subject because of her patience, confidence and superior skills as a coach. She was able to acknowledge who I am and celebrate me while still holding me accountable when needed. I felt happy to come to a decision in my own time — to not solve things right away — and Suzanne really helped me to believe in myself. Her wonderful self belief and skills which really made the coaching effective and I’d definitely recommend Suzanne. 

She is a great example of what a coach should be like.”

-April Claire O’Reilly, Squad Leader, 30
United Kingdom



I was at crossroads for changing careers and needed some direction and clarity around what is it that I actually want!

Suzanne empowered me by being with me in that journey of self discovery, championing my inner diva and challenging my inner critic. She was right there riding the bike with me to get from A to B and constantly nudging me to believe in myself. With her encouragement I knew I could be there and do that!

I am a practising life coach myself now as I realised this is just what I wanted to do – make a difference in someone’s life going through a transition themselves. I became clearer on my life’s values and aware of what fulfills me.

Suzanne has a duality that evoked transformation in me — she has a soothing nature and gentle voice yet is a roaring lioness with the cheekiness of a child. Be surprised what she might come up with…

I was touched how easily and consistently she championed me — she believed in me and wasn’t scared to leap with me in that deep well where I was reluctant to go in the first place – that’s the power she has! Brave yet soft

If you want clarity on what is it about you that’s holding you back to achieve something in life – get Suzanne for she will for sure dig deep into the unexplored side of you and manifest your vision.

-Harleen, Co-Active Coach, 33
United Kingdom



I appreciated the opportunity to work with Suzanne. I was hesitant of the process initially, but Suzanne made me feel comfortable and pushed me just the right amount to explore what I needed to. I saw changes in my attitude and self awareness very early on.

The reason I gave coaching a try was because I was at a transitional point in my life – milestone birthday, new job – and I was aware that there were things that I needed to work on in order to better myself.

She challenged me to face difficult topics in constructive ways. By asking me difficult questions in a thought provoking, positive way, Suzanne challenged me to explore the reasonings for behaviors and thought processes. Most importantly, she encouraged me to discover the answers on my own with her guidance during and in between coaching sessions. I liked that she gave me assignments that required me to spend more time assessing what we had discussed and how it impacted me. She was always positive and encouraging, while keeping me on track.

The results exceeded my expectations and actually surprised me: In only 4 sessions my presence is calmer and I have a more positive outlook in life. I have an increased self-awareness which really enables me to focus on self-care. Through this growth, I also addressed and resolved some conflict in my personal life.

Compared to 2 months ago, I’m more confident and comfortable with who I am. 

I absolutely think most people could benefit from the experience, whether overcoming something small, or significant. At the minimum, it is an opportunity to learn more about oneself.

-Rachel, Banker