Sample session

Before you sign up for coaching sessions you and I should know if we’re a good fit. This means we should have an immediate connection. It doesn’t mean you trust me or that we know each other well. It simply means our gut tells us that we will enjoy working together. For this, we need to talk on the phone (or in person if you’re local and that’s your preference).

Pricing is kept transparent so we can focus on what matters – your coaching. I’ve included a simple to understand pricing structure which can be found under Payments.

Why I give away a 30-minute session

When I tell people I am a coach they are curious, but skeptical. I get it. It sounds indulgent – how can someone you don’t know coach you on your own life? That’s what I thought too, in the beginning. I really, really tried to talk myself out of being a coach because I knew people would have trouble understanding it. I ignored every sign and every exclamation affirming I’d make a great coach.

When I was taking the classes I realized I was gifted as a coach but it wasn’t until I got my own coach that I truly understood and believed in the power of coaching. I used to feel like an imposter — and no one believes this of me, by the way. But I did. Coaching is what unstuck me and gave me the courage to accept an offer to be the first employee of a startup that I helped grow to over 30,000 users. I would have been too afraid to take such a risk prior to coaching.

The reality is that coaching is not about what I know; it’s about what you know. My job is to help you find answers that are within you already.

The only way you will believe coaching is powerful is by experiencing it yourself. If we get through our sample session and you don’t want to continue for any reason, I will thank you for your honesty. But if you realize that a door was just opened to help you finally be whole and fulfilled, LET’S DO THIS!

Contact me at to schedule your sample session.