I offer several options to pay for my services. If none of these work, I encourage you to contact me to discuss a custom package.

Packaged sessions – $100 per 60-minute session
Best for folks who want to work on specific areas, one at a time. For example, I purchased a $600 package to work on my “Imposter Syndrome” because I instinctively knew it would be enough. Coaching is very powerful and transformation can happen quickly.

  • $600 for six sessions ($100 per session)
  • Paid up front
  • Valid for 3 months

Fee per session – $150 per 60-minute session
Best for folks who are interested in scheduling sessions as needed, versus on a weekly or biweekly basis.

  • $150 per session
  • Paid immediately after each session

Supplemental add-on service – $25 per 30-minute session
This is available as an add-on for clients who purchase the 6-session package. For each session, you may add an additional 30-minute session for $25. Use it for those smaller issues that crop up in between our 60-minute sessions.

The initial session is called a Discovery Session. During that session, we’ll talk about what coaching is (and isn’t), establish an agreement about how we want to work together and identify any boundaries we should honor. Then we’ll spend the rest of the time coaching.

How scheduling works
Many places have a strict policy about cancellations — I do not. You have access to my availability and can self-schedule. You can also cancel and reschedule at will. Life happens. I understand. I do ask that you try to cancel 24 in advance as a courtesy but do not charge you as long as you do cancel (no shows will be charged). As long as this policy is not abused, it won’t change. Click here to schedule.

How payment works
I request payment through Google Wallet (preferred) or Paypal. Links are available in the scheduling calendar. Refer to your plan above for details of when payment is due.

Scheduling a FREE sample session
If you want to schedule a sample session please contact me at

What if you can’t afford me?
I believe coaching needs to be accessible and so 10% of my client spots are reserved to accommodate those who cannot afford services at this time. These clients pay on a sliding scale with a twist. If you cannot afford coaching with me, contact me at and provided there is room and it’s a good fit, we can work out payment as follows: a combination of monetary, bartering and paying it forward. Paying it forward means you will give to someone else when they are also in need. I want to change the world through coaching and what better way than asking you to help me.

If you haven’t already watched the movie, Pay it Forward, please do. This planted the seed long ago and I knew that one day I wanted to incorporate it into my work.