April Claire O’Reilly, Squad Leader, 30 — United Kingdom

“I wanted coaching around my relationship with my fiancé and making a difficult life decision. Suzanne allowed me the space I needed to come to the right decision for me.

Her skill as a coach is superior. Her insightful questions, intuition and visualizations are amazing and she really goes the extra mile with your support outside the coaching sessions.

I definitely felt safe and comfortable talking about a very personal subject because of her patience, confidence and superior skills as a coach. She was able to acknowledge who I am and celebrate me while still holding me accountable when needed. I felt happy to come to a decision in my own time — to not solve things right away — and Suzanne really helped me to believe in myself. Her wonderful self belief and skills which really made the coaching effective and I’d definitely recommend Suzanne. 

She is a great example of what a coach should be like.”