Darcie Nuttall, LMHC — North Andover, MA

“I am a mental health counselor working in the Massachusetts area and I have worked with Suzanne Vaughan to provide support for my clients. I have found that coaching and therapy can work together to provide empowerment to clients who are in a place of change.

Suzanne is built for this profession and will challenge and support people who are ready to be extraordinary in their own lives.

She is passionate, genuine and compassionate. Her skills as a Co-Active coach and unique life experience make her relatable and credible. Through a combination of mindfulness techniques, great instinct and her powerful coaching style (Co-Active), she has propelled clients into life major changes. For example, she empowered one of my clients to take actions that she had been trying to achieve for years. She challenged her in a powerful but nurturing way. The result was complete transformation, powerful healing and confidence gained. The progress my clients have made with Suzanne has truly been remarkable.

I will continue to work as a team with Suzanne to help bring my clients to the next level of change. She is a pleasure to partner with and she brings passion and energy to the helping profession.”