Harleen, Co-Active Coach, 33 — United Kingdom

I was at crossroads for changing careers and needed some direction and clarity around what is it that I actually want!

Suzanne empowered me by being with me in that journey of self discovery, championing my inner diva and challenging my inner critic. She was right there riding the bike with me to get from A to B and constantly nudging me to believe in myself. With her encouragement I knew I could be there and do that!

I am a practising life coach myself now as I realised this is just what I wanted to do – make a difference in someone’s life going through a transition themselves. I became clearer on my life’s values and aware of what fulfills me.

Suzanne has a duality that evoked transformation in me — she has a soothing nature and gentle voice yet is a roaring lioness with the cheekiness of a child. Be surprised what she might come up with…

I was touched how easily and consistently she championed me — she believed in me and wasn’t scared to leap with me in that deep well where I was reluctant to go in the first place – that’s the power she has! Brave yet soft

If you want clarity on what is it about you that’s holding you back to achieve something in life – get Suzanne for she will for sure dig deep into the unexplored side of you and manifest your vision.