Rachel, Banker — Massachusetts

I appreciated the opportunity to work with Suzanne. I was hesitant of the process initially, but Suzanne made me feel comfortable and pushed me just the right amount to explore what I needed to. I saw changes in my attitude and self awareness very early on.

The reason I gave coaching a try was because I was at a transitional point in my life – milestone birthday, new job – and I was aware that there were things that I needed to work on in order to better myself.

She challenged me to face difficult topics in constructive ways. By asking me difficult questions in a thought provoking, positive way, Suzanne challenged me to explore the reasonings for behaviors and thought processes. Most importantly, she encouraged me to discover the answers on my own with her guidance during and in between coaching sessions. I liked that she gave me assignments that required me to spend more time assessing what we had discussed and how it impacted me. She was always positive and encouraging, while keeping me on track.

The results exceeded my expectations and actually surprised me: In only 4 sessions my presence is calmer and I have a more positive outlook in life. I have an increased self-awareness which really enables me to focus on self-care. Through this growth, I also addressed and resolved some conflict in my personal life.

Compared to 2 months ago, I’m more confident and comfortable with who I am. 

I absolutely think most people could benefit from the experience, whether overcoming something small, or significant. At the minimum, it is an opportunity to learn more about oneself.